“Will You Be My Animal Hero?

Be an Animal Hero empowers and educates all ages towards compassionate action for all species of animals.

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Books by Susan Hargreaves

Five Books by Susan Hargreaves to Make Your Heart Sing

Susan Hargreaves, an advocate for animal rights for over four decades, has written five books aimed at promoting compassion and veganism. Her works include the Veganza Animal Heroes series, which features stories of superhero animals and their adventures to save others from cruelty. Hargreaves’ books, filled with engaging illustrations and powerful narratives, are used in educational programs to inspire children and adults to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Veganza Animal Heroes Guide to Save Animals & the Earth

Did you know the Veganza Animal Heroes Guide to Save Animals & the Earth has vegan recipes in it, too? Discover delicious Vegan recipes.

Don’t miss the recipe demo videos by clicking the button below.

Happy New Year From Be An Animal Hero

5 million people reached in 2023 with a variety of school assembly presentations, Heart Whisperer film screenings, news media, #animalherotober actions, a billboard campaign, and social media posts.

Veganza Animal Hero Rap

World’s 1st Veganza Heroes Rap Song Music Video Veganza Animal Heroes Rap performed by Free Bison, the Vegan Rapper.

There's a Cow in My Dreams

There’s a Cow in My Dreams on Sale Now!

There’s A Cow in My Dreams is a delightful story about a courageous child, named Olivia and a young male cow, named River. Purchase Animal Hero Kids’ founder Susan Hargreaves’ new book today on Amazon.com.

The Heart Whisperer

Order The Veganza Guide to Save Animals and the Earth Now!

The animals and earth need you to join the Veganza Animal Heroes crew.

Chocked full of powerful action steps, vegan recipes and an action-adventure rescue story.

Written by Susan Hargreaves the 3rd book in the Veganza Animal Heroes Series Illustrated by Choice Bison.

Billboard 2023


Have you seen our billboard on the 95 southbound on the west side near Woolbright road in Palm Beach County?

The Heart Whisperer

The Heart Whisperer

A childhood discovery inspires a woman to push the boundaries of our compassion in this true story. The esteemed Earthlings creator, Shaun Monson, weaves together archived news clips, never seen before arrest footage, and current interviews to tell this tale that crosses countries and decades. Cameo appearances by Joaquin Phoenix and other famous animal advocates.

Image of CEO and FOunder Susan Hargreaves with animal hero kids

Join Our Mission

Empowering and Educating all to be heroes to ALL species of animals. We achieve our goal with inspiring compassionate action and heartwarming stories of animal rescue and advocacy. Education programs and events include vegan fare.

Educate, Empower, Evolve

Millions reached with Be an Animal Hero message newscast picked up by Yahoo news, MSN….

“Susans’ skill and ingenuity as a humane educator are vitally needed… It is precisely the type of outstanding educational programs that Susan creates that greatly benefits any community.”

Jane Goodall

Animal Rights Activist & Primatologist

“Be an Animal Hero is creating a positive influence on children of all ages and educating them on the importance of animal advocacy throughout their community and the world”. I’m thrilled to bring Susan Hargreaves and her team to MUSE Global School for education and entertainment through advocacy with our amazing students.”

Suzy Amis Cameron

MUSE School Founder

Animal Hero Stars

Hear from some of our Animal Hero friends and supporters…

“I was an animal hero at 3 years old when I felt that animals had the right to live free of harm and suffering. It is vital to foster empathy and critical thinking in youth which leads to compassionate actions, and ultimately, a more peaceful world for all.”

Joaquin Phoenix

Activist, Actor

Animal Hero Kids Rock! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the good news is you can all help animals in need.”

Paul McCartney

Music Icon

“…I thank you and all those you work with for engaging in the important work of true citizenship… for all that you do in your community, for daring to innovate, for dreaming big, and for finding ways to create a better, kinder tomorrow.”
Read the First Lady’s letter to Susan

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the United States

How YOU Can Help Animals

Check out our active campaigns and products to see how you can support animals in need in love.


Veganza Animal Heroes Series Global Tour

By Susan Hargreaves

Imagine our surprise when before the planned tour of our new novel, Veganza Animal Heroes, we debuted at number 1 in new releases for young adults and ecology on Amazon!

See the Veganza Animal  Heroes story via video snippets from all of the events where readings took place by the costumed characters.

World’s First Vegan Super Heroes Novel

In the Veganza Animal Heroes Series-Liberation Veganza, Courage and Freedom are animal heroes rescuing all species of animals in danger. This tri-fecta of formidable plant-powered super heroes face their biggest challenges yet in this exciting saga.

“Susan Hargreaves latest creation continues her decades long work to engage the imagination and the heart to consider all species are interconnected. She understands our endless potential for adventure, magic and sanctuary as we are whisked away into the wonderful world of Veganza Animal Heroes”Ingrid Newkirk, founder of the largest animal rights group in the world, PETA.

$19.99 plus $4 shipping.

Veganza Animal Hero Series - book cover
Image of book cover for Veganza Animal Hero

Veganza Animal Hero

By Susan Hargreaves

Veganza, the animal hero, swoops in to help all animals in need of rescue. Veganza creates more animal heroes by empowering them with empathy. Courage, the mermaid, defends all sea creatures. Together, Veganza and Courage are unbeatable animal defenders.

Author Susan Hargreaves is a 41 year veteran of the animal rights movement.. She is a kindness educator, and activist. She has rehabilitated wildlife and investigated animal cruelty in circuses and rodeos, as well as in the animal-based agriculture industry. Susan founded the youth empowering charity Animal Hero Kids to prevent the animal cruelty she has witnessed by fostering empathy and compassionate choices in youth. Annual Animal Hero Kids Awards events recognize courageous, kind, creative youth and all programs include a vegan fare component.

100 percent of the profits from this book supports the free Animal Hero Kids Kindness Education Programs. 

Animal Hero Kids logo

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless

By Susan Hargreaves

Power Kind-296 pages of full color, a heartwarming, inspiring and practical guidebook for all ages.

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book cover
Learn more about the Veganza Animal Hero Mission

Support Animal Hero Kids

Image of Animal Hero Kids dressed in hazmat suits with Go VEGAN sign

Sign Our Change.org Petition

Animal Hero Kids ask Consumers in 2021 to sign their petition to help stop creating pandemics, cruelty, and the climate crisis.

Voices for the Voiceless

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless

Purchase your copy of the 2nd volume of Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless.

Illustrated image of Vegan warrior

Veganza Animal Hero

Join Veganza and Courage for the Animal Hero Kids Song Challenge!
Image of Animal Hero Kids Founder Susan Hargreaves on stage at school

Kindness Education

Videos and other resources for you to use at home or in the classroom.

Animal Heroes

Animal Hero Crew

Learn about the many kids, teens and adults that help support Animal Hero Kids. 

Image of Animal Hero Kids in branded T-shirts black and purple

AHK Starter Kit

Support Animal Hero Kids by purchasing our official starter pack.

“How beautiful to equate the word “hero” with empathy and compassion for animals, qualities that children so naturally possess.”

Maggie Baird, mother of Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell.

Vegan Advocate

“Veganza Animal Hero empowers youth to respect and honor nature and to never capture or hurt other animals. Veganza Animal Hero and Courage the Mermaid are exactly the type of heroes we need right now.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Global News Journalist

Veganza charitable services

The Veganza Animal Hero Mission

Animal Hero Kids' Expansion of Free Vegan Fare Partners with Kids in Distress.

Amid the waves of the COVID pandemic, the Veganza Vanza feeds local children with partners KIDS in Distress, Tofurky, Million Dollar Vegan, and chef Jonny No Bones.

The evening culminated in an outdoor film screening and reading by the author and volunteers of Veganza Animal Hero, our newest book, now available in an e-version.

Learn more about Veganza the Animal Hero.

Image of Kids in Distress school students enjoyed veggie burgers and Animal Hero Kids pledge cards

Veganza Vanza Drives the Message Home

Image of Veganza Vanza animal hero car

The Veganza Vanza presents education programs and serves free vegan food. Ronnie V Cow is at the helm, our impossible to ignore “cow in the room” vegucator.

We Need Your Help!

Image of happy Go Green Go Vegan Kids

The Goal of the Veganza Animal Hero claymation has Attracted Some VERY BIG voices!

Angela Means (Felicia) from the movie Friday fame. Tara Strong a power puff girl and mega voiceover star, Lori Alan from Spongebob Squarepants and Toy Story, and Gary Anthony Williams from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the recent Christmas is Canceled movie. Music by Moby.

The claymation filmmaker, Wyatt Bergwin, was in kindergarten when he saw a kindness to all animals presentation by Susan Hargreaves, he became vegan and graduated from film school twenty years later!

Veganza Animal Hero Claymation poster
Image of a heart shaped earth in golden wreath

A Series of Firsts

Animal Hero Kids is the first organization devoted to empowering and uniting compassionate youth.

First Animal Hero Kids summit celebrating kind, proactive youth from around the world with awards, workshops and presentations in Deerfield Beach.

Animal Hero Kids founder is the first to write a series about a female vegan super hero rescuing other animals  ‘’Veganza Animal Hero’’.

The first to close down a captive marine mammal aquarium, Ocean World and halt captive animal shows at Canada’s Wonderland with investigations and direct action protest campaign.

The first to have a youth empowering guidebook utilized by Montessori schools and school districts with practical tips to help all species, “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” and to lead virtual lessons to accompany the books’ rescue stories.

Animal Hero Kids founder is the first to be decreed in the top 5 percent of the field of humane education by the US government standard in a category reserved for the emigration of olympic athletes.

Animal Hero Kids is the first to stop the Florida the black bear family massacre with the collaboration of other dedicated animal protection groups and individuals.

Animal Hero Kids founder was the first to host and pilot a radio series in Toronto dedicated to animal protection, “Animal Voices”, as well as the first to host radio programs in South Florida on the subject.

The first children’s coloring/activity book, “The Hare-raising Adventures of Rabbitta the III & Animal Hero Tips” used throughout South Florida schools.

The first to create a caring for wildlife badge for girl scouts.

The first to create an Annual Animal Hero Kids Awards event to recognize courageous, kind, creative youth, drawing support from celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney, Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Chastain, Ricky Williams, John Salley and Suzy Amis-Cameron wife of James Cameron.

The first to offer free education programs with a focus on the environmental affects of animal based agriculture and to include a vegan fare activity component.

The first to create interactive, dramatizations where elementary school children role played in costumes to promote empathy for the animals they are portraying.

First to initiate an International Day of the Seal actions in 50 cities, globally.

First-Hosted and piloted the first radio series in Toronto dedicated to animal protection, Animal Voices. Hosted two radio series in South Florida on animal issues.

Popular Videos

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“Happy” Pharrell Williams (Vegan)

Our most watched video on Facebook so far this year is …We’ll Be Happy..” thanks to Pharrell Williams for writing such a wonderful song, we, the Animal Hero crew enjoyed creating our version.

Image of Animal Hero Kids Founder Susan Hargreaves with kids

Did You Say #Vegan MacnCheeze?

Watch on YouTube
Image of a young girl with white dog

COVID-19 Answer

Watch on YouTube
Image of Animal Hero Kids Founder Susan Hargreaves as Mother Nature, reading from her book to kids.

“Be an Animal Hero” says Mother Nature series out now

Watch on Vimeo
Image of Susan Hargreaves with her dog Lovey and a chicken

Susan Hargreaves

Animal Hero Kids Founder, Author, Humane Educator and Animal Activist since 1980.

Animal Hero Kids is an all-volunteer kindness education charity empowering youth to compassionate action via free school presentations highlighting stories of animal rescue and advocacy and action for other animals.

In the News | Susan Hargreaves

Dublin LIVE

World’s first vegan superheroes book launching at DSPCA centre

Read the article at DublinLIVE

Dublin LIVE

In the News | Susan Hargreaves

Image of logos for MSN, Yahoo and WPTV

Palm Beach organization creates campaign to rescue animals, save planet.

Watch Susan Hargreaves, founder of Be an Animal Hero on MSN news.  Be an Animal Hero is an arm of Animal Hero Kids.

Read the article at yahoo.com

Watch the video on the MSN website

Image of Susan Hargreaves interview MSN
Be An Animal Hero founder Susan Hargreaves.

Recent News

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