High School Student Sheds Public Spotlight on Public Schools and USDA Cow’s Milk Promotion

Attempting to force Marielle Williamson to display posters promoting drinking the mother’s milk created for baby cows at her high school clubs’ animal cruelty awareness table featuring plant milk information might not have been the best idea…

“Our school is riddled with pro-dairy posters and promotions. The fact that a differing perspective from a student was shut down goes to show that the USDA is more focused on milk sales than the well-being of students,” stated the Eagle Rock High School student.

Marielle then discovered schools participating in the National School Lunch Program are required under a set of federal rules to favor cows’ dairy milk over any other beverage. This includes a prohibition of schools restricting the (constant) marketing of dairy milk on school premises.

Last week she joined a lawsuit with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine accusing the USDA, the LAUSD and school administrators of violating her free speech rights.

The lawsuit is not only a first, but it is also a sign of the times.

Watch out for more of the same.

Youth today are more informed about animal abuse, the climate crisis and the health benefits of plant-milks.

“This lawsuit is the only way to make people aware of how wrong this is.” -Marielle Williamson said.

Williams said she thinks she will be in her final year of law school when the lawsuit is in court.