Yes, some of us may still be on limited trips outside. The happy news is we can focus on making the best of it. In my book, that means aiding other animals who need it.

At the time of writing this, I have been inside since March 10th….HELP!!! Kidding, I am fine and so very lucky compared to some. I am healthy and stocked up on immune-boosting veggies and fruits.

So, why not make this time at home count for something?

Yes, it is useful to rearrange the sock drawers or to finally clean out your closet.

Here are a few practical ways you can also help other animals, too.


1. Write to your representative who is still paying attention to emails and letters.

Right now there is a case myself and some wonderful animal sanctuaries came together in order to help a cow who was neglected. The good news is the Hardee County Sherriff’s Office has turned the case over to the State Attorney to review. Please, ask to prosecute the person who abandoned (now named) River the cow, she was stuck in the mud up to her shoulders for 3 days..

Brian Haas
Office of the State Attorney
Hardee County
124 9th Avenue,
Wauchula, FL 33873

Honorable Melissa Nelson
State Attorney Office
311 Monroe St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Honorable Ashley Moody
Attorney General, State of Florida,
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL32399
For more details go to River Runs Free FB pg.

The good news is many major airlines have decided not to transport animals for experiments. Yet, there are still some who do. Help stop the shipment of 1,200 monkeys from Mauritius to Primate Products, Miami to be used in experiments. Please, write to CS Aviation, a French company, who has enlisted SkyBus Air Cargo to transport of these long tailed macaques monkeys.

CS Aviation

For more information about these cases please, contact

2. Power by Plants

Create plant-based scrumptiousness in your kitchen at home which boosts your immune system. Sweet potatoes, garlic, kale, ginger, beetroots…there are so many gifts from Mother Nature you can cook up to grow plant power strong.

3. Speak

Why not use social media to create your own actions for other animals?

Is there a specific issue that makes you want to speak out? It is so easy today to reach 1,000’s of people whether on FB, Tik-Tok, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram. It doesn’t have to be fancy just a heartfelt or logical statement to educate or inspire to action.

Every day at 3 PM and the Animal Hero Kids Facebook page I have been telling a story from the Animal Hero Kids book.

4. Adopt or Foster

Now is the time to adopt or foster a companion animal, while you are at home you can get acquainted and keep each other company. Maybe you could even become one of those wonderful things…a failed foster! Who doesn’t love failed fosters?

5. Volunteer

Volunteer for Animal Hero Kids, we need people who can help with social media, photography, video editing, and art. We are planning for the largest ever World Animal Hero Kids month in October and there is so much to do. JOIN US!

Sign up to participate at World Animal Hero Kids Month.