9 Year Old Animal Hero was recognized at Central Florida’s Earth Day Event April 20, 2013 Animal Hero Kids and Humane Educators Reaching Out; encouraging and recognizing Animal Hero Kids for 32 years. 9 year old Logan was rewarded for his compassion and determination to educate others about animals in peril. Logan a 9 year old, a 4th Grade student, works tirelessly to help many species of animals.

His class presentation described the living, transporting and cruel training reality for captive wildlife used in circuses and caused a definite change in his peers attitudes. When the school gave free tickets to a circus who uses animals for tricks to Logan’s class, all but one student threw the tickets away. Logan is also a vegetarian and raises awareness about the health and wellbeing of animals abused in factory farming. He protests puppy stores, circuses, and promotes vegan awareness at Amway arena events.

Edison, a rescued, deaf English bulldog, is Logan’s best friend. He plays, feeds, walks and cuddles and (as you see from the above photo) naps with Edison, consistenty. Animal Hero Kids was proud to recognize Logan Main for his kindness and dedication towards all animals at the main band stage on April 20 at Central Florida Earthday. For more info, please call 561-575-5517 or email SusanH@AnimalHeroKids.org