Convincing Zeus the cat to vacate a suitcase so I can pack is always a challenge as is the actual act of packing. This trip requires a ball gown and boots for the event of the same name for Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario. Animal Hero Kids Canada will be based out of Wishing Well’s hopeful sanctuary, home to fortunate rescued from abuse farmed animals who now, thanks to Brenda Bronfman and her stalwart crew of volunteers, will live their lives safe from harm.


I am thrilled about our new partnership with Wishing Well Sanctuary. It is a perfect collaboration where children and teens can meet to plan activities to aid all species of animals in need. The young advocates can spend a little time with some of the residents and hear their stories. On this visit, I also have to pack the type of clothes to sit beside Meadow, the lamb pardoned from slaughter just before Easter. I can’t wait to meet Bali and Kai, the male calves orphaned as a byproduct of the dairy industry who are no longer headed to slaughter.

Animal Hero Kids first meeting at Wishing Well was standing room only, led by teen dynamos Jasmine and Mathew, it resulted in the first Animal Hero Kids demonstration against the cruel fur industry. You can read all about Jasmine, one of the Russell Simmons creative Animal Hero Kids winners who are highlighted in the hero to farm animals section of the ” Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” guidebook. The books’ stories and classroom activities will be used as curriculum in Animal Hero Kids Humane Education programs. The Animal Hero Kids Canadian presenter I met
many years ago during a high school presentation. Sangeeta was enthusiastic, and filled with heart, she created a slide show -yes, this was in the days before power point- for her entire school audience that changed hearts and minds.


Twenty-two years later Sangeeta returns, equipped with a Masters in Humane Education to foster empathy, self esteem and critical thinking. Book angels are needed to give our book wings to gift school libraries with this practical guidebook. Zeus has settled into a snooze beside the suitcase so I can finish packing at last ready to continue to spread Animal Hero Kids’ mission of empowering, encouraging and recognizing to Canada.