Animal Hero Kids Co-presidents React to Ringling News



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Animal Hero Kids Co-presidents React to Ringling News

Animal Hero Kids Founder/Author Hails Progress for Captive Wildlife

The founder of Animal Hero Kids Inc., a kindness education charity empowering and recognizing youth to aid all species of animals, Susan Hargreaves, has been educating, organizing, protesting and investigating around captive wildlife animal abuse at circuses for 36 years. Animal Hero Kids Co-Presidents aged 4 to 15 years of age have reacted to Ringling’s’ recent news of closing by May of 2017 in a just released YouTube Video  The expressions are enthusiastic as they speak up for the kind treatment of animals, the spokes kids hail from Florida, Georgia, California, Ohio and Oregon.

Three of the compassionate youth in the video are featured in the Honor Award winning book Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless written by AHK founder, Susan Hargreaves. Susan also spoke in support of the first Exotic Animal Display ban in the United States at the Hollywood City Council meeting in 1989.” The piteous images and video showing miserable shadows of their former selves being caged, chained, beaten and tied down, have educated the former ticket buying public to vote against animal abuse with their dollars. This is evidenced by Ringling’s’ recent announced plans closing their shows in May of 2017. “This is only a segment of the tipping point against captive wildlife shows to come,” says, Susan Hargreaves.

The student audience in the Animal Hero Kids Kind2All School assemblies show their knowledge of other animals natural lives by answering the questions posed “If you were a bird what would your favorite thing to do be?” “Fly” they answer in unison. “If you were an orca where would you want to live “in the ocean” it is only when one is concerned with profit margins this natural logic is interrupted, as in the case of aquariums, circuses and zoos. The classroom activities and practical tips to aid animals featured at the close of each chapter in “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” help achieve the goal of progress for animals by equipping youth with the tools to help animals.

In 2017 Animal Hero Kids is determined to, radically, increase the gifting of this youth empowering book to school libraries after each of our kindness to all animals’ school programs. The recent Ringling announcement confirms the public progress in their view of supporting animal exploitation and abuse. Now it is up to the animal activist community to monitor and advocate for sanctuary for these sad victims and to continue to educate to liberate. Please, go to to find out how to nominate an Animal Hero Kid or Teen, book a program, or support the 2017 Animal Hero Kids Book goal.

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