Animal Hero Kids Kind2All content is estimated to have reached 2 million in 2020. We combined the reach of the new Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless Volume 2 book in the e-version and in print, the release of the Veganza Animal Hero picture book, plus 20 news articles in mainstream media including Hollywood Times, TV Grapevine, the Canadian Press, Formidable Women, Happy Herald,, Newsbreak, and the National Observer, please, see news links below. Virtual video classroom programs and special events and the new Mother Nature says “Be an Animal Hero” video series as well as two Connecticut School Districts who ordered the E-Version of Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless to accompany the virtual teaching of Susan Hargreaves were effective in fostering empathy and empowering youth in 2020.

Here are a few mainstream article links for a peek into Animal Hero Kids’ stellar work in 2020.

Check out the new Mother Nature says “Be an Animal Hero” video series designed for early elementary grades here.

500 non-vegan people who were in need were fed vegan fare through partnerships with Support and Feed, 1736 Family Crisis Center, Kids in Distress, Tofurky, Chef Jonny NoBones, Tamerlaine Sanctuary, Hip Hop is Green, and Jackfruit Cafe.

World Animal Hero Kids month #Animalherokidtober was a success. Activities continued around the US, Canada, Brazil, Kenya, Japan, England Will send a pic Sean.

Look out 2021 for the Veganza claymation short, the Animal Heroes documentary, the new Veganza Animal Hero teen novel, and more Animal Hero Kids joining us, and more virtual learning opportunities.


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