Thank you to all who supported the Animal Hero Kids “changing hearts, changing choices” mission of donating the “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” book to school libraries after each interactive, presentation by buying tickets, collaborating or donating to the Soirée, Beats, Bites and Libations at Plant, Food and Wine at Sacred Space in Miami.

Earlier in the day a group of foster group home teens were surprised by Grey, the vegan Thanksgiving rapper, while they learned cutting edge culinary plant based magic in Matthew Kenny’s Culinary Academy teaching kitchen at Plant, Food and Wine.

After the teens left, we moved to the setting of Sacred Space, such a beautiful and gorgeous venue to enjoy melon mojitos libation, mini-masterpieces of   flavorful bites, and rap master Grey’s dulcet tones, all to benefit kind2all programs.

It was such a treat to meet Angelica Castro, Scorpion King actress, when she arrived to support the Animal Hero Kids book 4 each school goal. If it wasn’t for the organizers of the Seed, Food and Wine Festival, Plant, Food and Wine, Sacred Space, and Grey, this day and the resulting boost to the compassion accelerating goals would never have happened.


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