Animal Hero Kids Unite Tour!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you know a school administrator or a teacher in the proximity of where the AnimalHerokids Unite Tour is scheduled to stop who may be interested in a complimentary kindness to all education presentation, presented by Susan?

Do you know any local contacts in the media or local government?

Do you know any Animal Hero Kids or teens who may wish to join the Animal Hero Kids crew or youth you would like to nominate for an Animal Hero Kids Award?

Is there a place of business in the tour area that used to be an animal exploitive/killer/dealer in animal parts…?

For example, a Former slaughterhouse or barbecue place that is now a vegan restaurant or hotel or mall.

Do you know of any potential sponsors including vegan restaurants who would like to assist with offering free, vegan fare in their vicinity?

Animal Hero Kids is always on the lookout for photographers, videographers, video editors, artists, website updaters, animators, teachers, and social media savvy folks to volunteer.

Animal Hero Kids Unite Tour 2020

Participation form for Animal Hero Kids Unite Tour 2020.