AnimalHerotober Participate!

This October it’s easier than ever to participate in #animalherotober activities.

The global event is open to all ages, your actions and choices can help all species of animals.

Here are ways you can be an Animal Hero during AnimalHerotober and beyond!

  1. Visit your local animal shelter and donate catnip toys or volunteer to walk the dogs.
    You could even write a letter from the point of view or tell the story of a particular dog or cat to encourage adopting him or her and post their photo and story on social media. Remember to include #animalherotober in your posts.
  2. Sponsor a copy of the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book to your local library or school.
    This empathy fostering guidebook is full of heartwarming stories of animal rescue and lists practical ways you can help all species of animals. If the library or school wishes the author to lead a virtual reading to tell some of the rescue stories with Lovey, the rescued from the pound kill list dog, go to to book a free program.
  3. Organize a vegan fare giveaway in your local community, in a safe, socially distanced and responsible way.
    Why vegan, you ask? Eating vegan fare, also known as plantbased fare helps everyone, the animals, the planet and counteracts climate change, to learn more go to the Why Vegan tab at
  4. Speak to your local city or county commission about an issue you know needs changing for animal protection.
    Each monthly city council or county commission meeting gives an opportunity for the public to speak. This is how so many steps forward for other animals begin. The first United States wild animal display ban happened in 1989 in Hollywood, Florida, at a Hollywood council meeting as did canned hunt bans, the banning of animals being sold in pet stores when so many exist in the shelter and the list goes on, Please, mention you are participating in the global AnimalHerotober campaign, film and post on social media.
  5. Ask your local restaurants to feature AnimalHerotober specials, it’s so easy today to make scrumptious fare without harming animals.
    Vegan Tips by Veganza, the Animal Hero character in the new book, are free here.
  6. Create your own video with a message, spoken word, song, or piece of art to spread awareness of how everyone can be an animal hero.
  7. Dress to impress for Halloween this year and why not dress as your own favorite animal hero or a non-human animal. One year I dressed as a mermaid with a fish friend asking not to be killed for a huge outdoor Fort block party. Send and/or post your best Veganza or Courage or Freedom our new animal hero character in the Veganza novel.
  8. Donate to the Veganza Vanza mission of giving free, interactive kindness education programs for all ages and free vegan fare, please, go to for updates.