Kind people everywhere were shocked to see disembodied animal heads on models and Kylie Jenner at a Schiaperrelli show.

“Glorifying the wearing of animal heads is a shocking testament to the disconnect some fashion designers still have towards animal cruelty and the existence of trophy hunting” said founder, Susan Hargreaves, who has been rescuing and advocating for all species of animals not to be harmed for 43 years.

Susan has offered the staff and “idea’ people at the fashion house a “Be an Animal Hero” or “State of the Animal Nation” presentation to educate and create an awareness of the horrific practice of killing animal families in their homes.

“You may recall Cecil the Lion being killed by Walter Palmer, the resulting outrage demonstrated the majority of the human population think killing wildlife is sick, twisted and extremely cruel”, stated Susan who rehabilitated wildlife for 16 years and now runs the global empowerment and education animal protection charity, Animal Hero Kids.

“Is it possible this recent show will end up leading more people to be vocal about how wrong it is to kill animals, perhaps this is a visual reminder of how beautiful these beleaguered, hunted and threatened wildlife are?” asked Susan.

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The Instagram account of the “Be an Animal Hero” project by shows a video and a message to Schiaparelli

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