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Fostering empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.

Educate | “Be an Animal Hero” Education Sanctuary Partnerships

Calling Sanctuaries for Rescued Animals!

Do you want to prevent animal abuse?

“Be an Animal Hero” Kindness to ALL species education partnerships are open.

Pig eating veg at farm sanctuary

Kindness Education

Humane Education for all grade levels.



Choose from a list of virtual presentations taught by Animal Hero Kids founder, Susan Hargreaves.

Voices for the Voiceless

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless

Purchase your copy of the 2nd volume of the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book.


Veganza Animal Hero

Susan Hargreaves hosts a podcast featuring all of her Animal Hero friends. 

Million Dollar Vegan

Classroom Lessons

A series of videos teaching the importance of compassion. Produced in collaboration with Million Dollar Vegan.

Animal Hero Kids

Early Education

See the first episode in the new series “Mother Nature says Be an Animal Hero” 

Animal Hero Kids

Customize a Virtual Program

Customize a virtual program for all grade levels and interests with Susan Hargreaves at

Inspirational Reading Comprehension

These reading comprehension passages are geared toward 3rd through 5th grades and are great for English-language learners, too.

Image of pdf page
Image of pdf page Jasmine
Image of pdf page Rose for Orcas
Image of pdf page Whistleblower saves piglet
Image of pdf page Amazing Grace
Image of pdf page lions tiger bears

Education Announcements

Humane Education tools for teachers and parents to support children.