Monday, October 5 Activities 1-2


World Teacher’s Day
Animal Hero Kids Celebrate Educators Worldwide by Giving the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless Book to their school and the free Mother Nature says “Be an Animal Hero “ video.

Identify a school or schools that don’t yet have the Animal Hero Kids book in their school library, donate, and gift the school. Perhaps it’s YOUR school. Make sure to take a picture or have the school or educator take a selfie and post it on your Facebook or Instagram #animalherokidtober

Offer the free, virtual Be an Animal Hero presentation which can be customized to any grade level or interest, email and check out the education pg for more info.


National Child Health Day

Feature a cooking video of your favorite healthy vegan meal.

Prepare and cook your favorite healthy vegan meal and post on our youtube channel with the hashtag #animalherokidtober

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The event is finished.