Thursday, October 1 Activities 1-3


Identify a location in your area that has evolved past being a place of animal exploitation and help celebrate the change with creative dance, piece of art, song…..


Deliver a certificate of appreciation to the establishment contact to find out how.

Perform for or in front of the establishment, record, and post on Facebook or Instagram with #animalherokidtober


Pledge or if you’re already vegan, ask your family and/or friends to go Vegan for a Week in October – Each week challenge begins on a Thursday. Email is a video stating the most important reasons you have for wanting the world to go vegan to Sideways held a cell phone in hood light wearing your Animal Hero Kids T-shirt if you have one.


  • Get a local restaurant to feature an Animal Hero Kids vegan meal for the month.
  • Record a short video outlining why you are asking people to go vegan.
  • Seek out local restaurants that offer vegan options
  • Create at-home vegan meals.
  • Ask your friends and family to pledge with you, to support your future from any animal products for just seven days.
  • Need a Vegan Starter Kit? Email us HERE for some ideas to help ease you or someone you love into the challenge.


Like eating out? Download Happy Cow App to find vegan-friendly menu options and locations.

Here’s a social media post to share.

I Ate Here Cards

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless for vegan cooking ideas.

Post your success on AHK Facebook page or Instagram


The official release of the Veganza Animal Hero book launch.

Author, Susan Hargreaves, will do a live reading and broadcast on Facebook Live.

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