Thursday, October 22 Activity

Wildlife Freedom Day
Animal Hero Kids Free in the Sea Day

Organize a socially distanced protest outside of an aquarium. Create pictures of free wild sea life, stories begin In the Animal Hero Kids book pg 157- on 166 activities for participation. Post to FB & IG selfies, pictures, videos, art in the making (an collage of your piece from beginning to end) #animalherokidtober

Pledge to go Vegan for a Week in October – Each week challenge begins on a Thursday.


Get a local restaurant to feature an Animal Hero Kids vegan meal for the month.

Ask your friends and family to try vegan if you already are a vegan.

Seek out local restaurants that offer vegan options

Create at-home vegan meals.

Ask your friends and family to pledge with you, to support your future from any animal products for just seven days.

Need a Vegan Starter Kit? Email us at for some ideas to help ease you or someone you love into the challenge.

Like eating out? Download Happy Cow App to find vegan-friendly menu options and locations.

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I Ate Here Cards

Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless. Get the physical or digital version.

Vegan Calculator

Post your success, readings, outcomes on Facebook or Instagram #animalherokidtober


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