Saturday, October 24 Activity 1-2


Weekly Read to Sanctuary Animals Or animals in the shelter – Animal Hero Kids activates local communities’ support for sanctuaries. Read an Animal Hero Kids story to a rescued farm animal resident with a visit to a legitimate farmed animal sanctuary.

Other Ideas:

Volunteer to bring supplies from their wish list. Google farm sanctuaries near you, research what items you and your friends and family can help with supplying from their ‘wish list’ online, schedule a day to drop off the items. Make catnip treats for shelter cats

Post your success, readings, outcomes on Facebook or Instagram #animalherokidtober

Make an appointment with the sanctuary to volunteer reading a story from AHK book (need digital version) go to the website, find out needs, solicit social media friends and family to collect, keep a count of what you’ve collected.

When ordering a hard copy, please give yourselves 5-10 days for arrival in the US, and time to schedule an appointment with the sanctuary and have a copy of the AHK book with you. Get the physical or digital version.

Perhaps you create a group that collects monthly for a year! Let us know


Make a Difference Day

Animal Hero Crew investigates all the different places Animal Hero Kids live in the world and find your favorite story in the Animal Hero Kids book of animal rescue where the rescuer defied the odds and showed determination read on social media or simply tell about the story from the book Hint: so many stories to choose from including elephants, dogs, pigs, and chickens to name just a few.

Write letters to your local newspapers about how important it is to be kind to all animals and lists. Detail how children everywhere are making a huge difference in the lives of all animals. Please use the examples you found to show your community that a little difference goes a long way!



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