Pledge to go Vegan for a Week in October – Each week challenge begins on a Thursday.


Get a local restaurant to feature an Animal Hero Kids vegan meal for the month.

Ask your friends and family to try vegan if you already are a vegan.

Seek out local restaurants that offer vegan options

Create at-home vegan meals.

Ask your friends and family to pledge with you, to support your future from any animal products for just seven days.

Need a Vegan Starter Kit? Email us at for some ideas to help ease you or someone you love into the challenge.

Like eating out? Download the Happy Cow App to find vegan-friendly menu options and locations.

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I Ate Here Cards

Get vegan cooking ideas from Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless on page 146. Get the physical or digital version.

(PDF cookbook will be emailed)

Vegan Calculator

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