Tuesday, October 13 Activity

Support the Homeless with Goody packages with Vegan Choices

Partner with an organization(s) in your area who already work to serve the underprivileged.

Find ways of donating Vegan products and volunteering to assist feeding and serving the underprivileged.

Share your date with AHK so we can help promote the event!

Post your success, readings, outcomes on Facebook, or Instagram #animalherokidtober. Selfies are encouraged!

Make a visual statement get a mask, goggles, and a hazmat suit, and make your own sign about the link between pandemics and eating animals. Share Animal Hero Kids Answer to Covids19 video Educate in front of your local grocery store with a trusted adult Or make your own video like the kids in the video did.

Hazmat Suit


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The event is finished.