I wrestled with the title of my latest news release until I came up with, “Five Books by Susan Hargreaves to Make Your Heart Sing.”

Since 1980 I have been grabbing media attention around the plight of animals in peril. There was only one way to get the public spotlight on what is really happening to other animals if you didn’t have an advertising budget before the advent of social media, and that was via innovative, dramatic, colorful actions. I initiated and organized actions every two weeks and wrote accompanied by a concise news release.

Yet, to write a news release about my own books is like wading through muddy water, why?

Growing up in the English/Irish culture of my family I often heard refrains of “don’t get too big headed” “don’t be cheeky” “who do you think you are?” “a lady doesn’t….”

So, as a result here I am approaching 65 years old -at supersonic speed – and still learning to “push myself forward.”

So, here goes…. will you, dear reader, consider supporting the books and programs for schools by donating on our site as a 65th birthday present?

This year marks my forty-fourth year of being a defender of animals. I have seen the word vegan become known, as well as the term “cruelty-free.’ I have seen a public shift away from exploiting & killing wildlife. I know there is still so much to accomplish and more work and victories to achieve to stop animal suffering.

Opening Hearts & Minds with Stories

My latest book in the Veganza Heroes series is “Veganza Animal Heroes Guide to Save Animals & the Earth” encourages ALL ages to choose Vegan.

I am so grateful to Jane Goodall, Joaquin Phoenix, Heart Phoenix, Paul McCartney, Maggie Baird, (mum of Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish), Angela Means of “Friday” movie fame, Tabay Atkins, Gwenna Hunter plus the wonderful Veganza Animal Heroes, Freedom is played by Korin Sutton, Courage the Mermaid played by Sky Bison for all of their delicious vegan recipes. I can’t wait to gift this third book in the Veganza Animal Heroes series to schools after each interactive presentation. The magical illustrations by the renowned viral artist, Choice, engages on another level.

The first “Veganza Animal Hero” children’s’ picture book introduced readers to the superhero Veganza, she can freeze scenes of cruelty to make the perpetrator feel exactly what the animal feels, her partner in animal defending is Courage the mermaid, she leads captive sea mammals back to freedom with the help of the sea friends she protects.

The second book in the series is an action-adventure graphic novel “Veganza Animal Heroes-Liberation” and appeals to teens and up. Freedom joined the hero crew in this one, a plant powered strong superhero. Phoenix, a teen in a foster group home teams up with the Veganza heroes to create victorious animal rescues around the world.

There’s a Cow in My Dreams” is the third book illustrated by the uber talented Monique Martinez. In the story a courageous girl, Olivia, and a young male calf, River, determine to change the world.

Animal Hero Kids Voice for the Voiceless” was my first book and is almost 300 pages of true stories of animal rescue and advocacy that will truly make your heart sing!

Every free program empowering youth to compassionate action receives a gift of these books for their school library. When I tell the stories to groups there are cheers when the animals are saved, their hearts sing, no matter which species of animal is rescued.

Be An Hero Books