If we were to believe the recently placed news articles against the alternative meat options to avoid eating cow or pig’s flesh we might think the vegan fare movement is tanking. We would be wrong, incorrect, misinformed and on another planet.

My barometer is my macho brother who is against all vegans-including his sister being vegan-actually buys Beyond burgers in the meat freezer section and has almond milk in his fridge. Forty-two percent of Americans benefit from plant milks.

The biggest challenge is old ideas and entrenched power of animal based ag industries. However, new ways of looking at how we abuse animals and destroy the earth using unsustainable animal killing and exploitive practices are slowly evolving.

Thirty eight years ago when I became vegan after investigating the stockyards and slaughterhouses I would never have dreamed of the plethora of scrumptious, vegan products that are out right now.

The other challenge to completely shedding outdated forms of eating are purist vegans talking about processed food and complaining. The mainstream, affordable and available vegan fare is for all, flexitarians, prevegans, environmentalists…it’s an idea whose time has come in spite of the recent spate of negative articles spawned by the animal based ag PR machine

This recent article in the Daily Guardian shows us what’s really happening and we all know it.

The Daily Guardian news article is an article NOT brought to you by the animal based ag spin PR firms.

We see the proof of the truth behind this article with our own eyes, in restaurants, in stores and in the stories from the prevegan or flexitarian’s about the new vegan dishes and products they are trying.

My 87 year old dad is discovering new vegan products I have never heard of in order to eat healthier for his heart without consuming animal flesh and cholesterol causing animal fats.

How do we move forward from the debates and brouhaha?

I say let’s ask the animals in the slaughterhouse line what they prefer and go with that.