Animal Hero Kids Presentations

Susan Hargreaves is the founder of the “Be an Animal Hero” education initiative and empowerment to compassionate action charity.

She has crafted effective humane education programs since 1980.

The following programs may be offered virtually.

Humane Education Targets the Root of the Problem

Sanctuaries and shelters while extremely valuable and sorely needed are a temporary band-aid for the tragic ways humans can treat other animals. At a time when we need answers more than ever, humane education is a far-reaching, powerful solution.

The underlying attitude that allows animal neglect, animal cruelty, apathy, and ignorance is the root cause of animal suffering.

Humane education is the only tool that combats this by fostering empathy and understanding of other animals. A free of charge, series of humane education presentations that foster compassion for all species is now available. All Programs-Aligned to State Sunshine Standards.

The following presentations are presented by Animal Hero Kids Founder, Susan Hargreaves, they can be customized to any group’s age, interest, or need.

Positive character traits are encouraged in line with the current character education emphasis in schools.

Veganza Animal Heroes Presentation

Veganza Animal Heroes empower to kindness to all animals. Veganza, Freedom and Courage are characters on the first vegan super hero book series. They defend all beings from harm and educate how we can all be heroes to animals. Vegan fare will be complimentary whenever possible and free Veganza Animal Heroes books and an Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless books are also donated.

Be an Animal Hero

This is an interactive program where Rocky Raccoon, Ronnie V Cow, Horace B Horse and Kitty T Cat help demonstrate how children can be heroes to animals.
Children who have rescued animals are highlighted as well as other animals who have been heroes for humans.
The Animal Hero Pledge card is distributed and serves as a follow up tool.

Heartwarming stories from “ Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless “ book are highlighted and each school receives a complimentary copy for their media center.

Choose the “Be an Animal Hero | Farm Sanctuary” option from the form below to participate in a virtual program.


This presentation begins with heartwarming stories about animals who have been rescued. How individuals can help prevent the problems that necessitated the animals’ rescue is highlighted. Incredible stories of animals helping humans and humans helping animals are told in this visually charged presentation.
The link between animal abuse and human abuse is explored when appropriate.

“…your presentation touched the hearts of our residents.
Your sensitivity to our population, your choice of words/phrasings brings people into the subject and make it very real for them. They FEEL what you are saying and this fosters empathy.”

Sheila McCann

Director, Residential Services, Women in Distress

Wild Neighbors

This program demonstrates how to live in harmony with our wild neighbors.
Amazing facts and adaptations about diverse native wildlife There has never been a time that Florida’s wildlife have been more challenged to survive than right now.
What are the dangers? What can we do to help? Find out in this lively, interactive presentation.

Younger groups are treated to a fun, guessing game using realistic animal props, which reinforces the information learned.

Mother Nature’s Story

This presentation utilizes realistic animal props to tell stories about animals in distress and how they were helped by children.
True case histories that demonstrate the issues challenging non human animals today are incorporated. Each program is accompanied by follow up materials.

Image of Animal Hero Kids Founder Susan Hargreaves reading to kids

The State of the Animal Nation

This presentation for middle schools, high schools, and colleges, highlights the current reality for a wide range of species of animals, locally and globally.

On average, one thousand people a day move to Florida. The impact an individual’s actions can have on other animals and the planet is discussed.

“Susan Hargreaves has been presenting in my classes for the past 7 years, she has always delivered a captivating, interesting, and much-needed message to the students. I learn something new every time. She is a courageous defender of animal rights and has the humane treatment of all animals uppermost in mind as she valiantly educates others about the plight of animals in our world today.”

Jerri Habenicht

Pioneer Middle School

Eating as if the Earth and Animals Matter

A presentation that outlines the impact our food choices have on the environment, other animals and our health.
Family science classes have found this presentation useful; each program provides scrumptious vegan fare and follow up materials.
A fun quiz concludes this presentation.

Careers Helping Animals

Here is a program that is great for school career days. Jobs that help animals are outlined; the training and rewards are discussed.
Individuals that are currently working in the field may attend the presentation.

“Your presentation about careers helping animals was according to my children’s survey the most popular program of Career Day”

Jenny Diaz

Palm Springs Elementary School

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