Emma from Estonia, Animal Hero Kid


Age 14, Estonia.

I’m a 14 years old vegan activist from Estonia, I’m very proud to be a vegan as a true animal lover should be.
My hobbies are dancing, ice skating, judo, playing piano and the baltic psaltery and law studies.
Here in Estonia I initiated and lead project “Climate change on my plate” (translated: Kliimamuutused minu taldrikul).
Our project is made to inform people, especially teenagers and children about the environmental impact of food and the need for going vegan in the current critical situation, where the climate is changing dangerously fast. Children do not know that farm animals are suffering and how they are killed, learning about this can naturally make wish to eat vegan food. Children have basic right to know how animals are treated behind wall and how their food makes it way to their plates.

Every month, activities are going on which mostly take place at the Vastseliina Youth Centre and some through the internet. Every month we do a 2-day camp for 11-15 years old teens where we do different workshops with specialists about vegansim and climate change also do vegan cooking workshops, we make recipes videos, have vegan movie night, discussions. We also created a online free vegan workshop with a professional nutritionist. In summer we will do a longer camp, create and rent out information boards to schools, so children could learn about their impact to climate change and also we plan to sell vegan workshops to schools.

Why I want to join Animal Hero Kids:
I love being a vegan and I would love to communicate with more vegan kids

Message to the world:
The best thing and the most nature respecting act anyone can do is to go vegan. A person who follows a vegan lifestyle produces the equivalent of 50% less carbon dioxide than a meat-eater and uses 11/18th of the oil, 1/13th of the water and 1/18th of the land. Also 160 million animals are killed each year for food.
If you want a healthy future and a life in peace then it’s time to go vegan, also if you don’t want to then just do it for the others, earth needs our love with actions
Please guys let’s do it together for all of us 💚🌎

Why am I vegan:
I’m vegan for the animals, I love animals and I would never eat them. By not eating farm animals we also save wild animals because they are losing their homes thanks to farmlands. Plus we save life for children, adults, all living beings and the whole planet Earth.