Support Animal Hero Kids

Below are numerous ways you can show your support for the Animal Hero Kids organization. 

Make a Donation

Animal Hero Kids recognizes any gift as a tax-deductible donation (consult your accountant on IRS rules). We graciously accept both restricted (you can designate how you want your money spent!) and unrestricted funds.

Click here for more information on making a donation.

Kind Shopping

Support Animal Hero Kids and receive educational materials and cool fashion at the same time. You purchase directly helps Animal Hero Kids reach its mission of donating a copy of Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless in schools across the country. Also be sure to wear Animal Hero Kids clothing in your campaign video submissions.

Join Us

Would you like to share your gifts to help the Animal Hero Kids organization? We are looking for compassionate individuals that can help us with technology, media production, cooking, Live events and more. 

Book Sponsorship

Sponsor an “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” book to be gifted for your Local  Library or School. Animal Hero Kids goal is to gift an Animal Hero Kids book to every school or library.