The Heart Whisperer

The Heart Whisperer

A childhood discovery inspires a woman to push the boundaries of our compassion in this true story. The esteemed Earthlings creator, Shaun Monson, weaves together archived news clips, never seen before arrest footage, and current interviews to tell this tale that crosses countries and decades. Cameo appearances by Joaquin Phoenix and other famous animal advocates.

How beautiful to equate the word ‘hero’ with empathy and compassion for animals, qualities that children so naturally possess.

Maggie Baird, mother of Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell

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Darren Cavanagh of the Very Creativegan has created an epic trailer for The Heart Whisperer film see here.

Standing Ovation for Heart Whisperer Film

Shaun Monson the iconic Earthlings filmmaker and Susan Hargreaves screened The Heart Whisperer at the AVA Summit in LA to a standing ovation.

Heart Whisperer Film in the News

Animal Hero Stars

Praise for “The Heart Whisperer” Film

“The Heart Whisperer is a must see eye-opener of a film”

Paul D. Hancock

President/CEO, World Wide Motion Picture Company

“There are some extraordinary people who consistently and tirelessly raise awareness about the plight of animals. Susan Hargreaves is one of those unsung heroes. Decade after decade, she has never quit. I hope her story inspires more to be just like her.”

Shaun Monson

Filmmaker, Earthlings

“I would highly recommend showing the Heart Whisperer in Universities. It needs to be seen by every student in the United States and around the world.”

Jane Valez-Mitchell

News Journalist