The Heart Whisperer

A childhood discovery inspires a woman to push the boundaries of our compassion in this true story. The esteemed Earthlings creator, Shaun Monson, weaves together archived news clips, never seen before arrest footage, and current interviews to tell this tale that crosses countries and decades. Cameo appearances by Joaquin Phoenix and other famous animal advocates.

How beautiful to equate the word ‘hero’ with empathy and compassion for animals, qualities that children so naturally possess.

Maggie Baird, mother of Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell

The Heart Whisperer

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Veganza charitable services

Animal Hero Mission

Animal Hero Kids’ Expansion of Free Vegan Fare Partners with Kids in Distress.

Amid the waves of the COVID pandemic, the Veganza Vanza feeds local children with partners KIDS in Distress, Tofurky, Million Dollar Vegan, and chef Jonny No Bones.

The evening culminated in an outdoor film screening and reading by the author and volunteers of Veganza Animal Hero, our newest book, now available in an e-version.

Learn more about Veganza the Animal Hero.

Image of Kids in Distress school students enjoyed veggie burgers and Animal Hero Kids pledge cards