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Three Easy Steps to Go Vegan

“You can be an animal hero every day, every time you shop and every time you eat by choosing scrumptious vegan fare,” says Veganza.

“So many beings are helped when you consume food without a history of suffering,” says Courage, the Mermaid.

“It’s so easy today,” says the author of Veganza Animal Hero, Susan Hargreaves. She went vegan over three decades ago after investigating how animals on factory farms, transport trucks, stockyards and slaughterhouses are really treated.

1 Replace Animal Products with Plant-Based Products

“Anything you can do I can do vegan.” Say many of the Animal Hero Crew.

Today, this is a statement of fact. Good news, you don’t have to live without scrumptious tastes and those comfort foods you are accustomed to, simply replace them.

Replace milk made by cow mums for their calves with Almond, Soy, Rice, Oat, Coconut, Cashew… Milk

Did you know baby cows are taken away from their mothers so that humans can sell and buy the milk the cow mum has made for her baby?

Humans are mammals and so are cows and raccoons. How do we know we are mammals? We, human animals give our babies our own milk when our babies are born. Can you guess three other mammals who give their own milk to their babies?

Did you know?

Business Wire news predicts plant-based milk sales will surpass 21.52 billion dollars in 2024? Oat milk sales jumped by 686 percent in one year.

These facts and more demonstrate consumers are choosing kinder, healthier, and more environmentally responsible ways to shop and to eat.

Find out which are your favorite plant milks by tasting all of products on the market today in your local grocery store.

Veganza likes vanilla soy milk in her cereal in the morning. Many adults like almond milk for their lattes. Oat milk is fast becoming many peoples’ choice for hot chocolate and smoothies. Chocolate soy milk poured over frozen strawberries is an easy frozen treat. Check out Lovey’s strawberry milk shake recipe in the Veganza Animal Hero book recipe section.

Happy Cow Cheese is Vegan

You may have seen advertising about happy cows? The truth is the happy cows are the ones who are saved from having their babies taken away or being milked by machines. Happy cows live on real farm animal sanctuaries, where they enjoy doing all the natural things cows like to do.

Can you name three real life sanctuaries for rescued farm animals and email us or post on social media and tag us a drawing or a painting of a cow who is happy with her baby?

A few of the vegan cheeses you should definitely try.

Daiya cheddar cheese slices- really good in grilled cheese sandwiches.
Miyoko’s Artisan garlic and herb, Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda, and Kite Hill cream cheese and chive flavor. Earth Island Vegan Gourmet cheddar and mozzarella cheese slices too.

Check out the Animal Hero Crew plant milk taste tests and recipe videos.

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Beyond Eating Animals

Beyond Meat, Impossible, Tofurky, Gimme Lean and Gardein are just a few of the product choices of compassionate meat replacements for your table. Susan Hargreaves presented animal abuse investigation workshops for police, firefighters, and animal control officers. The only complaint she ever received about the workshops were regarding the vegan lunch. The officers accused others of taking too many Gardein crispy tenders in the lunch line!

2 Adopt the Four Food Groups

Would you believe that two thirds of American adults and one third of American children are overweight or obese?

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is an independent group of over 16,000 doctors, also known as PCRM. Their messages are independent and free from any financial support by the pharmaceutical industry or other industries that may have a vested interest in your consumer dollar. PCRM doctors recommend the nutrient-rich four main daily food groups: fruit, vegetables, grain, and legumes. Legumes is a fancy word for beans, peas, lentils…
These food groups are dense in fiber, calcium, nutrients and minerals. Check out for more free resources.

Can you create a sample one-day menu with meals from these four food groups?

Image of the Vegan 4 food groups

3 Educate Yourself

Research why consuming animal-based products is cruel, environmentally destructive and unhealthy. tabulates how many animals, trees, and how much fresh water and oxygen you save by going vegan.

In 1980, Susan Hargreaves, our founder, read an article about an undercover investigation at a slaughterhouse in the Toronto Sun newspaper. When she saw the photos in the news article, they changed her life. Today, many people are educated by documentaries like Earthlings, What the Health, Cowspiracy, The Game Changers, or news reports about undercover cruelty investigations, or even by an Animal Hero Kids or Be an Animal Hero video.

The Animal Hero Kids – Voices for the Voiceless book by Susan Hargreaves has been chosen by school districts to educate their students about helping all species of animals.

If your school would like a customized education program like “Eating as if Animals and the Earth Matter” please, click on the education tab.

Vegan Recipes

Animal Defender’s Vegetable Pie

Image of vegan pie
Image of recipe for Vegan vegetable pie

Lovey’s Favorite Strawberry Shake

Image of vegan strawberry shake
Image of recipe for vegan strawberry shake