A trio of Vegan Super Heroes from the #1 in Amazon new releases action-adventure novel “Veganza Animal Heroes” is on an international tour in the United Kingdom, United States. and Ireland underlining the power of kindness to all and serving plant-based fare.

The global tour is part of the “Be An Animal Hero” initiative, created by the author, educator, and activist Susan Hargreaves, and AnimalHeroKids.org. On tour, Susan portrays her fictional alter-ego Veganza, a red-haired, staff-wielding Super Hero, who uses her powers to evoke kindness in others. She’s accompanied

by two other Vegan Super Heroes — “Freedom” (played by Miami vegan professional bodybuilder Korin Sutton) – “Courage” (played by Mitali Deypurkaystha, a British book consultant and publisher).

The Global Tour Stops

London: The Just-V show in London, U.K. in the Just V Chat Theater. There are 45,000 tickets reserved so far for the 3-day event at ExCel, a 100-acre venue. Where the Paul McCartney Veg Advocate Award winner will be announced, Billie Eilish.

Yorkshire: Story-time and vegan treats at a pre-school in West Yorkshire. It’s noteworthy that the pre-school was formerly a hatchery, which Susan went to when she was 9 years old, (54 years ago) igniting her passion for protecting animals.

Dublin: Summer camp at Dublin SPCA with vegan lunch

Wicklow: The Happy Pear Café to film renowned vegan twins Dave and Steve Flynn reading their segment from “Veganza Animal Heroes.”

United States: Mindful Eating Film Festival in San Francisco August 6 -7

About “Veganza Animal Heroes”

The global launch includes an opportunity to download the e-novel on July 6 for free. Susan’s 63rd birthday gift to the world.

It’s available on Amazon, where it reached Number One in New Releases for Ecology and Teens.

About Susan Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves is an over four decades dedicated activist, an undercover investigator, and an international speaker. She is a Skipping Stones Honor Award-winning author and creates original interactive education programs, books, and films. Her life-long mission is supported by high-profile animal advocates Joaquin Phoenix, Sir Paul McCartney, and Jane Goodall. She is also featured in a new documentary by the “Earthlings” filmmaker, Shaun Monson with a cameo by Joaquin Phoenix.

Interview Opportunity

Susan Hargreaves and the Veganza Animal Heroes are available for interviews, panel discussions, and in-studio vegan food tastings and demonstrations.

Set up an Interview or Appearance

Contact: Susan Hargreaves, 561-236-8843, education@animalherokids.org