Why Go Vegan

We are All Animals.

Every individual is a someone.

We are at a tipping point in our cruel, destructive treatment of the natural world and all of the other animals on the earth.

We have separated ourselves, we have subjugated, killed, harmed, hunted, beaten, separated their families, poisoned, burned, electroshocked, jailed, caged, tanked and eaten every other species whether they fly, crawl, swim, run or slither.

We all can choose to help or aid other animals rather than hurt and kill them, or pay others to kill them for us.

We can all choose empathy and compassion over oppression, exploitation and apathy.

We are all animals.

Image of Lovely the dog

Lovey on “Why?”

“That’s how powerful Veganza is, she empowers so many, you know.

Why not start saying No! to aquariums, zoos, and circuses, the animals there feel very low.

The wildlife trapped there miss their real home and family, and are never free from their jail.
Will you join Veganza’s Animal Hero Crew, now that you have read this tale?

Veganza asks, too, if you will enjoy vegan fare, like a scrumptious vegetable pie.

So, then you will rescue all those beings who squawk, run, swim, walk, or fly.

Veganza, the animal hero, knew you would care, be kind and grow plant-powered strong.

Yes, Veganza, the empowering animal rescuer, knew she definitely was not wrong.

Will you consider the Earth and we animals, too?

Because, if you do not, who will?

Will you?”

– Lovey, at the end of Veganza, Animal Hero

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