On July 7, 2022, author and educator Susan Hargreaves is offering the world an opportunity to download the new “Veganza Animal Heroes” novel for 2 days.

I was an animal hero at 3 years old when I felt that animals had the right to live free of harm and suffering.” — Joaquin Phoenix

The international tour and free download are part of the “Be An Animal Hero” initiative created by Susan and AnimalHeroKids.org. The free download link will be available on July 7 on Amazon.

Susan has traveled the world for 43 years educating and empowering people to be heroes to all species of animals.

“I had a lightbulb moment; why not create daring rescue adventures of vegan superheroes to fly into people’s imaginations for them to cheer on.” Then artist Monique Martinez created stunning illustrations to pepper periodically around the book.

Download the E-Book for free from July 7 – July 8


Veganza Animal Heroes

The world of Veganza Animal Heroes is brought alive by the magical illustrations of Monique Martinez

The first stop of the international tour is a return to England, the country of her birth.

London: The Just-V show in London, U.K. in the Just V Chat Theater. There are 45,000 tickets reserved so far for the 3-day event at ExCel, a 100-acre venue. Where the Paul McCartney Veg Advocate Award winner will be announced, Billie Eilish.

Yorkshire: Story-time and vegan treats at a pre-school in West Yorkshire. It’s noteworthy that the pre-school was formerly a hatchery, which Susan went to when she was 9 years old, (54 years ago) igniting her passion for protecting animals.

Dublin: Summer camp at Dublin SPCA with vegan lunch

Wicklow: The Happy Pear Café to film renowned vegan twins Dave and Steve Flynn reading their segment from “Veganza Animal Heroes.”

United States: Mindful Eating Film Festival in San Francisco August 6 -7

Interview Opportunity

Susan Hargreaves and the Veganza Animal Heroes are available for television appearances, cooking demos, podcast interviews, and written articles prior to the July 6th giveaway, as well as in-person interviews during the Just-V show.



  • Demonstrates vegan dishes featured in “Veganza Animal Heroes.”
  • How far veganism has evolved since she became vegan in the mid-1980s.
  • How empathy education prevents violence
  • Famous actors and musicians who are vegan and why
  • Animal protection laws that do — and do not — protect animals

About Susan Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves is an over four decades dedicated activist, an undercover investigator, and an international speaker. She is a Skipping Stones Honor Award-winning author and creates original interactive education programs, books, and films. Her life-long mission is supported by high-profile animal advocates Joaquin Phoenix, Sir Paul McCartney, and Jane Goodall. She is also featured in a new documentary by the “Earthlings” filmmaker, Shaun Monson with a cameo by Joaquin Phoenix.

About the “Be An Animal Hero” campaign

A global initiative to expand our limits of compassion to all species.
Utilizes actions, original films, original books, and events
AnimalHeroKids.org is an all-volunteer charity educating by highlighting courageous acts to help all species and uniting to fight against cruelty and apathy. Bullying prevention, fostering self-esteem, and expanding critical thinking are cornerstones of the free stories, programs, and tools.

Set up an Interview or Appearance

Contact: Susan Hargreaves, 561-236-8843, animalherokidsrock@gmail.com