Veganza Animal Hero

Veganza Animal Hero

Veganza, the animal hero, swoops in to help all animals in need of rescue. Veganza creates more animal heroes by empowering them with empathy. Courage, the mermaid, defends all sea creatures. Together, Veganza and Courage are unbeatable animal defenders.

Author Susan Hargreaves is a 41 year veteran of the animal rights movement.. She is a kindness educator, and activist. She has rehabilitated wildlife and investigated animal cruelty in circuses and rodeos, as well as in the animal-based agriculture industry. Susan founded the youth empowering charity Animal Hero Kids to prevent the animal cruelty she has witnessed by fostering empathy and compassionate choices in youth.. Annual Animal Hero Kids Awards events recognize courageous, kind, creative youth and all programs include a vegan fare component.

Veganza Animal Song Challenge

Veganza Song Challenge

Veganza and Courage are two unbeatable defenders for all animals and they need your help!

We want to hear your dulcet tones & marvel at your stunning lyrics! The new ‘Veganza’ Animal Hero book is due out during #animalherokidtober and needs a theme song!


The challenge is open to all ages. A $500 prize will be awarded to the winner of the challenge.

Send videos, lyrics, music to:

Posting your song to social media pages? Make sure to use these hashtags: #animalherokidtober #veganzasongchallenge. Help us promote your creativity!

Veganza Animal Hero Testimonials

“Veganza Animal Hero empowers youth to respect and honor nature and to never capture or hurt other animals. Veganza Animal Hero and Courage the Mermaid are exactly the type of heroes we need right now.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Global News Journalist, Jane Unchained Network

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